Welcome to The Salon – a digital, social justice-minded community designed to cultivate curiosity and spark action.

The Salon started because of some questions: What happens when we connect rising leaders from diverse sectors who care about social justice with the ideas and work of Ford grantees? What happens when we then arm them with the frameworks and tools to leverage their influence and privilege to advance justice? 

To answer that, in 2021, The Salon featured three cutting-edge and provocative conversations with leading experts from policy, environmental justice, philanthropy, and finance. Our digital platform provided intimate access not only to these speakers but also to an invite-only community of next-gen leaders and change-makers.


The Salon community is comprised of a new generation of leaders committed to the tenants of justice and disrupting inequality in all its forms. This community also has resources – whether relationships, influence, financial resources, or privilege – that we are ready to put to action.  

Through this event series, we created a shared space for this community to get close to the issues we care about, to expand our understanding and our networks, and move to tangible actions to create the change we want to see in the world.

What can I do?

While the first iteration of The Salon has come to a close, there are still ways to stay involved.

Hot (Informed) Takes
We created the Hot (Informed) Takes to be tools for you all to share with you peers, networks and workplaces. These are helpful explainers on complex subjects like Disinformation, Bringing DEI to your Workplace and How to Join a Board. Share and use widely! Click here to watch and share.

Full event videos
Log in to the site to watch full event videos and access other interactive content (available to Salon members only).

Stay connected to Ford Foundation’s work
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