Welcome to The Salon – a digital, social justice-minded community designed to cultivate curiosity and spark action.

The Salon will feature three cutting-edge and provocative conversations over the next year with intimate access to leading experts and the opportunity to connect with your peers of next-gen leaders and change-makers.

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The Salon represents a new generation of social justice leaders; a rising group of influencers committed to the tenants of justice and disrupting inequality in all its forms.  

We see pressing needs in our world – to strengthen our democracies, our economies, our communities; and we have resources to do so – relationships, influence, financial resources, privilege – that we are ready to put to action.  

The Salon is a shared space, a place to come together, to get close to the issues we care about, to expand our understanding and our networks as we work to create the change we want to see in the world.



As a community of rising leaders around the world, members of The Salon share a core set of values and motivations. We are proud global citizens as well as champions for justice in our local communities. We believe in the power of proximity and want to get close to and deeply understand complex issues. We know that with privilege comes responsibility; we are ready to commit to action, using our relationships, influence, wealth, and privilege to address the root causes of inequality.