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Salon Sizzle

  • The Salon Intro Sizzle Reel

    2020 was a year of challenges but also a year of activation. Where do we go from here? Now that we are engaged and awake, how do we stay that way? How do we keep pushing our leaders, our systems and ourselves to better support everyone and create a more equitable future? How do we leverage our networks, influence and privilege? The Salon helps provide some ideas, frameworks and tools to start.

Hot Takes

  • Hot Take: how we can build trust in our information system?

    Nabiha Syed (The Markup) on unpacking disinformation and how we can all build better information literacy.

  • Hot Take: go beyond checking the box

    Deesha Dyer (Hook & Fasten) on what individuals can do now to actualize real change and move to true transformative racial justice.

  • Hot Take: so you want to join a board?

    Noorain Khan (Ford Foundation) on why you should join a non-profit board, how to choose the right organization, the key questions to ask and tangible steps to take.